Known as 21st century metal "aluminum", In sectors such as aviation and aerospace industry, electronics, automotive, sea vehicles, military vehicle parts and weapon production, which offer high-tech products today; In addition, due to its high recycling percentage and its health, white goods, kitchenware, medical devices and consumables, heating-cooling, ventilation and air conditioning, construction, high voltage and It is also used in sectors such as the packaging industry.

Corrosion resistant

Due to a thin layer of aluminum oxide


Three times lighter than iron


Almost as steel


Easy to handle

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Okal Metal Metalurji was established as one of the leading manufacturing companies headquartered in Gaziantep.

Okal Metal offers high quality products and reliable services that embody our company's commitment to strive for excellence. It is our goal to be a reliable supplier and exporter of products that achieve the highest technical complexity and quality for both global and local markets.

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Our company consists of experienced and professional staff, whose primary principle is to meet the needs of our customers.

Our technical team combines advanced technology with cutting-edge thinking to bring our customers' ideas to life. After consultation, our experts will provide efficient project solutions and draft designs.

We provide one-stop trading services including sourcing, inspection, packaging and delivery to meet our clients' needs.


We have been shaping the future since 1950.


Six thousandths of a millimeter-thick aluminum foil effectively protects the content against the quality-reducing effects of oxygen,

light, moisture, microorganisms, or unwanted flavors. "More Is Less" Aluminum's total barrier to light, gases and moisture is the primary reason for its use in packaging solutions for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and technical applications. Even when aluminum is very thin, it provides excellent protection and preservation of aroma and product properties.

It has specialized in high quality aluminum pipes for years.

All kinds of light and heavy steel constructions, steel bridges, also ...

Aluminum products.

Hot dip galvanized steel coil, strip, sheet, carbon steel, copper strip, sheet, foil, Aluminum strip, tape, s ...

Aluminum Manufacturing.

Our technical team combines advanced technology with the latest in mind, and the ideas of our customers ...

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